Education Report Roundup

Bureaucracy Bloat Questioned by Study

By Jeff Archer — March 22, 2005 1 min read

Contrary to frequent complaints of bloated bureaucracy in public education, school districts are anything but top-heavy, says a report by a research group founded by school administrators.

A summary and ordering information for “Answering the Critics of School Administration: What are the Facts?” are available from ERS.

Educational Research Service says that districts employ, on average, one manager for every 15 staff members. That compares with a ratio of 1-to-12 in the health-care industry and about 1-to-6 in manufacturing. Moreover, the number of pupils per administrator has increased over the past decade in districts serving 25,000 students or more, the group’s report says.

It also outlines the growing challenges faced by superintendents and principals as they seek to improve student achievement, while still serving in their traditional roles as managers of operations.

ERS is associated with seven administrator organizations, including the American Association of School Administrators.