Bulletin Bored

By Stacey Decker — August 24, 2007 1 min read
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The Teacher Voices from Teacher Leaders Network are chatting about bulletin boards—and exciting ways to use them. Although most of the Networks’ members agreed classroom bulletin boards should display student work and encourage interactive activities, Patty deviated from the group:

We were taught to minimize the amount of visual stimulation on the walls. We covered our boards with fabric in earth tones with no bright paper borders...
As an individual diagnosed as having ADHD, and as a teacher of many students with this label, I am amazed at the effect this has on concentration and focus. Sometimes the environment can just be too stimulating!

Teddi responded:

I know all about everything you have just posted, but I dutifully put up amazing, interactive "busy" bulletin boards every year IN MY CLASSROOM! And I am a special educator! Wow! What a disconnect for me. Soooo, as I prepare my "amazing" bulletin boards this year, they will be in a common area outside our room, and meaningful, subject related bulletin boards will be inside our walls.

A version of this news article first appeared in the Blogboard blog.