Books: Curriculum and Methods; Education and Law; Research and Monographs; Other Resources

May 17, 1989 5 min read

Classroom Strategies That Work: An Elementary Teacher’s Guide to Process Writing, by Ruth Nathan, Frances Temple, Kathleen Juntunen, and Charles Temple (Heinemann Educational Books Inc., 70 Court St., Portsmouth, N.H. 03801; 162 pp., $16 paper). Suggestions for establishing writing programs and expanding their use across the curriculum.

Economic Education in the Precollege Setting: Proceedings of the Towbes Conference, edited by the Reason Foundation (Reason Foundation, 2716 Ocean Park Blvd., Suite 1062, Santa Monica, Calif. 90405; 123 pp., $10 paper). Papers addressing the theme of “illiteracy” in economics.

Experiment With Fiction, by Donald H. Graves (Heinemann Educational Books Inc., 70 Court St., Portsmouth, N.H. 03801; 74 pp., $7.50 paper). Recommends strategies for teaching fiction writing, with emphasis on approaches that require the involvement of both teacher and student.

Investigate Nonfiction, by Donald H. Graves (Heinemann Educational Books Inc., 70 Court St., Portsmouth, N.H. 03801; 111 pp., $7.50 paper). Techniques to help children make the transition from oral storytelling to reading and writing.

Investigating Science With Young Children, by Rosemary Althouse (Teachers College Press, 1234 Amsterdam Ave., New York, N.Y. 10027; 200 pp., $17.95 paper). Advocates a “process” approach to teaching science to children age 3 to 5 and outlines 85 activities.

New Directions for Elementary School Mathematics, 1989 Yearbook, edited by Paul R. Trafton (National Council of Teachers of Mathematics, 1906 Association Dr., Reston, Va. 22091; 245 pp., $18 cloth). Surveys current curricular reforms and new approaches to teaching.

Secondary Instruction: A Manual for Classroom Teaching, by Joel M. Levine (Allyn and Bacon, 160 Gould St., Needham Heights, Mass. 02194-2310; 395 pp., $27 cloth). Covers such topics as instructional planning, student motivation, and classroom management, stressing the teacher’s role as “leader.”

Writing and Technique, by David N. Dobrin (National Council of Teachers of English, 1111 Kenyon Road, Urbana, Ill. 61801; 212 pp., $18.75 paper, $14.95 for n.c.t.e. members). Asserts that research on composition, in its fascination with technology, has moved in the wrong direction this decade.

Writing for Life, edited by John Collerson (Heinemann Educational Books Inc., 70 Court St., Portsmouth, N.H. 03801; 122 pp., $12.50 paper). A collection of essays by 10 educators describing methods for teaching writing as a process.

Education and Law

A Digest of Supreme Court Decisions Affecting Education, 2nd edition, by Perry A. Zirkel and Sharon Nalbone Richardson (Phi Delta Kappa Educational Foundation, 8th St. and Union Ave., P.O. Box 789, Bloomington, Ind. 47402-0789; 204 pp., $7 paper). Summaries of cases decided as of March 1988 that directly affect students and staff members in public and private schools from kindergarten through 12th grade.

Title IX: A Practical Guide to Achieving Sex Equity in Education, by the National Coalition for Women and Girls in Education (National Women’s Law Center, 1616 P St., N.W., Washington, D.C. 20036; 20 pp., $3 paper). Defines the scope of the federal law’s prohibition against sex discrimination.

Researchand Monographs

At Home in School: Parent Participation in Primary Education, by Viv Edwards and Angela Redfern (Routledge, 29 West 35th St., New York, N.Y. 10001; 180 pp., $18.95 paper). A study of the effects of increased parental involvement at an urban school in England.

Bilingual Education: History, Politics, Theory, and Practice, by James Crawford (Crane Publishing Company Inc., 1301 Hamilton Ave., P.O. Box 3713, Trenton, N.J. 08629; 204 pp., $16.98 paper). Analyzes current policy and research and examines successful programs and the controversies surrounding their implementation.

Early Childhood Education in the Schools, edited by Jerold P. Bauch (National Education Association Professional Library, P.O. Box 509, West Haven, Conn. 06516; 352 pp., $19.95 paper). A collection of 68 essays covering such areas as current policy, curricula, and discipline.

Ethnic Heritage and Language Schools in America, developed by Elena Bradunas, compiled and edited by Brett Topping (Library of Congress; order from Superintendent of Documents, U.S. Government Printing Office, Washington, D.C. 20402; cite stock no. 030-001-00124-5, 336 pp., $16 paper). Articles on schools organized by various ethnic communities to supplement standard educational offerings and emphasize the preservation of ethnic culture and traditions.

Parent Education as Early Childhood Intervention: Emerging Directions in Theory, Research, and Practice, edited by Douglas R. Powell (Ablex Publishing Corporation, 355 Chestnut St., Norwood, N.J. 07648; 248 pp., $35 cloth). Fourteen contributors study issues in the development and implementation of early-intervention programs for parents of “at risk” children.

Other Resources

Guidelines for the Post-Baccalaureate Education of Teachers of Mathematics, developed by the Post-Baccalaureate Education of Teachers of Mathematics Task Force (National Council of Teachers of Mathematics, 1906 Association Dr., Reston, Va. 22091; 18 pp., $3 paper). Describes recommended competencies for both generalists and mathematics specialists in kindergarten through 12th grades.

The Personnel Evaluation Standards: How to Assess Systems for Evaluating Educators, prepared by the Joint Committee on Standards for Educational Evaluation (Sage Publications Inc., 2111 West Hillcrest Drive, Newbury Park, Calif., 91320; 207 pp., $29.95 cloth, $14.95 paper). Defines criteria for planning and assessing evaluation systems.

What Students Need To Know, prepared by the National Urban League (The Education Department of the National Urban League, 500 East 62nd St., New York, N.Y. 10021; 144 pp., $15 with binder, $10 paper). A guide for parents describing the content of the different academic subjects and recommending ways parents and other community members can become involved in schools.

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