BEST’s Teacher Competencies

September 13, 1989 1 min read

Following are the teaching competencies to be evaluated under Connecticut’s Beginning Educator Support and Training program:

1. Demonstrates facility in the skills of reading, writing, and mathematics.
2. Demonstrates knowledge of the subject to be taught.
3. Demonstrates knowledge of human growth and development as it relates to the teaching-learning process.
4. Demonstrates a knowledge of the American public-school system.
5. Plans instruction to achieve selected objectives.
6. Effectively implements instructional plans and uses appropriate instructional techniques.
7. Effectively communicates with students.
8. Helps students develop positive self-concepts.
9. Facilitates the independence of the student as learner.
10. Effectively organizes time, space, materials, and equipment for instruction.
11. Effectively assesses student needs and progress.
12. Effectively meets the needs of exceptional students.
13. Establishes a positive environment.
14. Meets professional responsibilities.
15. Encourages and maintains the cooperative involvement and support of parents and the community.