June 15, 2011

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Vol. 04, Issue Spring/Summer 2011
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Editor Kevin C. Bushweller discusses the issue of balancing digital innovation and academic accountability.
Meet the people who bring Education Week Digital Directions' stories to life.
Despite a lack of hard-hitting research linking video games and simulations to learning gains, educators are showing increasing interest in using them to teach.
Technology aims to help teachers see how things are going in all parts of their classrooms and then make instructional adjustments.
The amount of training required to become proficient with "Second Life" has discouraged many educators from using it for professional development.
Loosely based on the idea of combining face-to-face education with online instruction, the blended model of schooling is growing in popularity.
Using educational technology in new and different ways to improve student learning is often at odds with standardized testing and other traditional measures of achievement.
In the wake of the iPad 2 release, teachers are still determining best practices for the different versions of the tablet computing device.
New technologies are making it quicker and easier than ever to create digital portfolios of student work, a method of assessment experts say increases student engagement.
This special Digital Directions data section examines the growth of online coursetaking, how often teachers use computers, and the views of educators and students.

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