February 13, 2008

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Vol. 27, Issue 23
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Charter schools, which the Bush administration has strongly supported, may have effectively helped undermine Catholic schools.
A national project aimed at improving school leaders’ effectiveness is seeking to change that situation by supporting the hiring of “school administration managers” in schools.
Some observers are concerned that money-for-achievement programs actually decrease students’ intrinsic motivation to learn and send mixed messages about studying.
The outcome of this year’s budget showdown could hinge on the November election, not on a compromise between the White House and Capitol Hill.
News in Brief
Report Roundup
The overhaul would offer career-oriented magnet programs at each campus, along with a districtwide college-preparatory curriculum of honors and Advanced Placement courses.
The plan targets high schools and elementary campuses in impoverished neighborhoods on the city’s South and West sides.
An audit of professional-development literacy programs in a Florida district has found that students of teachers trained in those programs showed significant gains in reading-test scores.
Officials nationwide have scaled back school library services and staffing in response to budget deficits, a problem highlighted in a new survey by the American Association of School Librarians.
Finance & Facilities
More teachers getting compensation based on nontraditional factors.
New ways of paying teachers launched by districts such as Denver and Houston are alone unlikely to produce the sweeping change that is needed on the compensation front, a report from the National Governors Association says.
Experts are beginning to contend that the case is growing stronger for physical activity's link to improved brain function.
Pennsylvania Gov. Edward G. Rendell reserved one of the few increases in his proposed fiscal 2009 budget for education, saying it is important to funnel money into a new, fairer school funding formula.
States are looking for ways to provide money for a program that historically has been treated differently from the 1st through 12th grades.
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Capitol Recap
State of the States
Federal File
The U.S. Department of Education is publishing a two-page report on each state that gives a glimpse of the quality of its K-12 schools.
National assessments in core subjects will proceed as planned, now that the federal testing program has received additional funding in the current year’s budget.
Funding for the Head Start preschool program would rise to $7 billion under the President Bush’s budget request for fiscal 2009.
The ramifications of the decision are "immediate and irreparable," the administration's court filing says.
The long-stalled measure includes provisions that affect colleges of education.
Efforts are growing to assist charter schools in finding and affording facilities, challenges that remain big obstacles to the sector’s continued expansion.
An unusual public-private partnership in Indianapolis is helping charter schools get access to money for buildings at favorable rates.
The arts have the power to show excellent teaching in action, Marcia Daft argues.
Michael A. Rebell explains why there’s still hope for equal educational opportunity.
Richard Whitmire and Andrew J. Rotherham explain how networking best practices may revolutionize the movement, and reshape urban education.

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