Published Online: October 31, 2006

Report Roundup

Study Says Mich. Charter Schools Falling Short on Quality, Performance

Michigan’s charter schools have been politically controversial and are delivering mixed academic results, with some not meeting acceptable standards for quality and performance, a study by Education Sector has found.

"The charter school movement has clearly made a mark on Michigan's education scene, but it falls short of its original goals of expanding parent choice, fostering innovation, and improving student achievement," says the report by Sara Mead, a senior policy analyst at the Washington-based think tank.

The study provides a wide-ranging look at Michigan's charter landscape. The state has 230 charter schools, about half of which are in Detroit and its suburbs, the report says. It notes that nearly three-quarters of those schools are run by for-profit corporations hired under contract to operate the schools—more than in any other state.

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