Teacher Blogosphere Back-to-School Roundup

By Anthony Rebora — August 22, 2011 1 min read
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Just in time to get you motivated (or terrified, depressed, etc.), a sampling from recent teacher blog posts from around the Web:

Nick Provenzano, on Edutopia, offers some ice-breaking tips for the first day of school. (Our favorite: “I love to tell an embarrassing story from school.”)

Middle school teacher Heather Wolpert-Gawron runs through her back-to-school checklist, which—just to give you a taste—includes both breaking into a file cabinet and speaking to a NASA representative.

Ms. Cornelius reprises her tactical tips for new teachers (e.g., “Never threaten a consequence to a student unless you are actually willing to follow through with it.”), while Renee Moore urges self-reflection and awareness.

Meanwhile, Happy Chyck is resisting going into her classroom any sooner than she has to, and feeling both torn and defiant about it.

Mybellringers is having trouble planning lessons because of a meddlesome—and apparently back-to-school-sensing—cat.

Mr. Teacher, even as he prepares for mayhem on the first day, is publishing a new book titled Learn Me Gooder. (Good thing he teaches math.)

Not to be outdone, the indefatigable Ferlazzo is exploring Native American folklore and mythology sites for an ELL American history course.

Impressively, Mr. McNamar is considering ways to better engage disadvantaged students and contribute to a more positive school culture.

And Ms. Eyre, in an effort to create a better balance in her life, is already wisely thinking of things she can say “no” to this year.

What did we miss? What are you up to as you head back into the classroom? Let us know.

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