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Hopes for a New School Year

By Starr Sackstein — September 05, 2017 2 min read
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Excitement. Possibilities. Hope.

Filled with the uncontainable urge to smile from ear to ear until it hurts, I sit eagerly thinking about the first day of school and all of the days that will follow until the end.

As cheesy as it sounds, the school year is a magical time where relationships form, risks are taken, lessons are learned, and we become.

Each day is comprised of unlimited potential for incredible growth and learning and that is truly amazing; there’s just no other way to say it.

This year, I’m mixed with anticipation for the new and a twinge of sadness for the loss of my own classrooms. Although I recognize the loss of that ownership, I prefer to dwell on the unlimited possibilities of the many classrooms I have the ability to touch in my new position, rather than focus on the absence of what I’ve thrived on for years.

The beginning of the school year is like my favorite holiday. Barely able to sleep the night before, I sit in wonder of the day will bring and who I will meet.

This year is no different in that regard, but the “who” I will meet promises to present a whole new level of learning and I can’t wait.

Perhaps in the past I’ve been accused of being too enthusiastic (if that is even possible), running into school days ready to take risks, increasingly with less fear of failing. That tangible passion and excitement breathes in my skin and permeates my being. I hope the whole school community can read it on me.

So it’s with that thought that I express my hopes for this school year:

  • I’ll lead transparently, willing to take risks, make mistakes, and transparently reflect and grow from them with the professionals I’ll be working with.
  • I’ll listen intently to their wisdom and thoughts as I engage in collaborative dialogue that values all voices.
  • I’ll watch with an open heart, with the only the expectation to further develop the talent that already exists and make learning even better for the students in each classroom.
  • I’ll remember that every child and every teacher has a story worth knowing and I will make it my business to know them all and not just the CliffsNotes version, but the unabridged.
  • I’ll come to school wearing a smile regardless of what is happening in my personal life.
  • I’ll share openly what I know and what I need to know to model the expectation for everyone.
  • I’ll continue to read, grow, and ask for support because it isn’t about my ego, it’s about making learning awesome for all kids.
  • I’ll set goals, meet goals, revise goals, and keep setting more goals as needed, investing in my role as lead learner.
  • I’ll participate in activities, both in and out of school to celebrate the learning of students and educators.

As my nerves bubble up and ready myself for bed, I request that each of you willingly share what you learn along the way and ready yourself to share your awesome wisdom as we continue to travel on this journey together.

Happy New School year!

What are your greatest hopes for this new school year? Please share.

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