Looking for an English Lit Extra-Credit Quiz?

By Catherine A. Cardno — April 08, 2013 1 min read
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When I taught, my students were always clamoring for extra-credit assignments. Although I’m not big on extra credit (because I’d rather my students did the work the first time around), I remain on the lookout for things that might work as a potential end-of-term quiz or assignment.

This weekend, BookRiot put together a quiz based on famous novels that I think would be perfect for an extra-credit assignment. It’s based on the *second* lines of classic books.

It’s a tough quiz (my favorite kind of extra credit!), and I personally scored 0/13 even though I’ve read all the books. However, giving this at the end of the year to an AP or honors English class might just be the best of both worlds—the students get the option of extra credit, and it’s a quiz that might seem easy, but requires them to remember plot, characters, authorial style, setting, and tone to get the right answer.

Image: Library of Congress image LC-USZ62-117829. Print (c1875) shows Charles Dickens, full-length portrait, seated at desk, facing left, in his study at Gad’s Hill Place. Samuel Hollyer, engraver.

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