Supplemental Education

Special Education Opinion Four Steps to Implement RTI Correctly
Eight researchers weigh in on how RTI can be implemented successfully.
Amanda Vanderheyden, Matthew Burns, Rachel Brown, Mark R. Shinn, Stevan Kukic, Kim Gibbons, George Batsche & W. David Tilly, January 5, 2016
6 min read
Student Achievement Opinion Get to Know a C.E.O., with Michael Lombardo
We all know about the achievement gap between the rich and the poor, but we don't often acknowledge that schools do a particularly good job of educating kids when they have them. To close the achievement gap, we need the involvement of the community and more organizations like Reading Partners. Let's meet their CEO, Michael Lombardo.
Tom Segal, May 1, 2013
13 min read
Student Achievement Opinion Get to Know a C.E.O., with Tiffany Cooper Gueye
Dr. Tiffany Cooper Gueye is the leader in charge of BELL (Building Educated Leaders for Life), a national non-profit organization that partners with schools and school districts to deliver high quality out-of-school time programs to underserved youth in grades K-8. Let's get to know her.
Tom Segal, January 14, 2013
13 min read
Early Childhood Opinion The SIIA ETBF: I laughed, I cried, I fell in love (with a few start-ups)
The SIIA Ed-Tech Business Forum featured presentations from a number of start-ups making moves in the learning community: let's take a look at the finalists!
Tom Segal, December 6, 2012
8 min read
Special Education Opinion Forget Romance: Teach Me Ruby!
There has been plenty of buzz of late about the need to teach computer programming in the classroom, and rightfully so. Where our schools are lagging, however, start-ups are picking up the slack.
Tom Segal, November 28, 2012
5 min read
Early Childhood Opinion (An Eighth of) A Penny for Your Thoughts?
What I see in America is a psychology that is simply different from the viewpoint of much of the rest of the developed (and developing) world, an assumption that the classroom is enough, when there is much evidence to the contrary. It is difficult to get a population of 300 million to collectively shift from this psychology given the investment generally has a very long tail on return. It is difficult to see the direct result of something like two hours of extra tutoring a week, or of beginning to educate a child a few months earlier in their lives, but the reality is the return on investment for these "supplemental" endeavors is grand and influential. This is where the Government can step in.
Tom Segal, November 12, 2012
4 min read
Federal Opinion Finding Flexibility in Supplemental Services
Colorado's NCLB waiver approach adds more flexibility for targeting supplemental tutoring funds, says state board of education chairman Bob Schaffer.
Bob Schaffer, June 27, 2012
3 min read
School & District Management Letter to the Editor Supplemental Educational Services Already Highly Regulated
To the Editor:
Regarding the Commentary by Joan Jacobson about supplemental educational services, or SES, being a program with no regulations and no accountability ("Supplemental Educational Services—An Unregulated and Unproven NCLB Tutoring Program," Dec. 14, 2011): Ms. Jacobson asked the reader to imagine all that can go wrong in implementing SES from the decade-old No Child Left Behind Act.
January 24, 2012
2 min read
Education Letter to the Editor Jacobson Got It Right in Commentary On Flaws in SES Tutoring Program
To the Editor:
Thank you, Joan Jacobson, for shedding a truthful and critical light on one of the most ineffective and highly privatized components of the No Child Left Behind Act, supplemental educational services, in the ("Federal Tutoring Program Is Deeply Flawed," December 14, 2011.) Commentary on that subject.
January 17, 2012
1 min read
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School & District Management Opinion Federal Tutoring Program Is Deeply Flawed
Supplemental educational services, the tutoring component of NCLB, is required to be “high quality, researched-based,” but it is neither, argues Joan Jacobson.
Joan Jacobson, December 13, 2011
6 min read
Education Letter to the Editor SES Aims to Help Pupils, Not Turn Around Schools
To the Editor:
Regarding Steven Ross’ post about supplemental education services, or SES, in the Sputnik blog (“Supplemental Educational Services: Noble Ideas + Unreasonable Expectations = Disappointing Results,”, Oct. 19, 2011): While Mr. Ross is a talented researcher, he should stick to analyzing data, not policy.
November 15, 2011
1 min read
Education Opinion Supplemental Educational Services: Noble Ideas + Unreasonable Expectations = Disappointing Results
NOTE: This is a guest post by Steven Ross, Professor in the Center for Research and Reform in Education at Johns Hopkins University
Sputnik Contributor, October 19, 2011
3 min read
Student Achievement Opinion Taking a Hard Look at Supplemental Educational Services
An analysis of research findings indicates that the federal program is not meeting its primary goal, write Old Dominion University’s John A. Nunnery and Johns Hopkins University’s Steven M. Ross.
John A. Nunnery & Steven M. Ross, August 17, 2010
5 min read
Chris Whetzel
Student Achievement Opinion Why We Need to Study the Tutors
Federal programs mandate supplemental educational services for students in need, writes Megan Beckett, but whether or not the providers are effective is unknown.
Megan Beckett, January 19, 2010
4 min read