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Mathematics Whitepaper
My Math Academy Significantly Accelerates Early Elementary Children’s Math Skills and Fosters Greater Engagement in Math
Explore recent data on how this effective, engaging and empowering tool builds math mastery in the classroom for PreK – Grade 2 Learners.
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Early Childhood Opinion Waterford Upstart on Providing Remote Learning to 90,000 Pre-K Kids
Rick Hess speaks with Dr. LaTasha Hadley of Waterford Upstart about its use of adaptive software to close gaps in kindergarten readiness.
Rick Hess, March 25, 2021
6 min read
Satiria Clayton was looking forward to her 5-year-old son Cassius starting kindergarten this year in Tempe, Ariz., but the recent spike in coronavirus cases has left her, like many other parents, worried about what to expect. "In an ideal would I would love to stay at home and teach him,” she said. “The reality is I have to send him to school."
Satiria Clayton was looking forward to her 5-year-old son Cassius starting kindergarten this year in Tempe, Ariz., but the recent spike in coronavirus cases has left her, like many other parents, worried about what to expect. "In an ideal would I would love to stay at home and teach him,” she said. “The reality is I have to send him to school."
Courtesy of Satiria Clayton
Early Childhood Will Kindergartens Be Empty This Fall?
As cases of COVID-19 continue to grow, parents around the country are struggling with whether to send their child to kindergarten this fall. Some say they won't.
Christina A. Samuels, July 7, 2020
6 min read
School & District Management What the Research Says Incoming Kindergartners Are Less Ready Than a Decade Ago
Incoming kindergartners in 2017 started school with lower early-math and -reading skills than their peers nearly a decade earlier, though some achievement gaps closed somewhat.
Sarah D. Sparks, October 8, 2019
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Early Childhood Video Academic Redshirting, and Why It’s Not So Simple
It's the time of year for students to go back to school, but some 5-year-olds won't be making the transition to kindergarten. What’s known as academic redshirting has become a more popular option, most often for upper middle class parents. This is when parents hold their child back from kindergarten by a year. Required school entry varies across the U.S., and in 42 states attendance is mandatory at age 6 or later. Academic redshirting has benefits and disadvantages on a child’s development that parents should keep in mind. Advantages may include higher passing rates on exams and being more attentive in classes. Disadvantages may include an increase in classroom difficulty for both students and teachers due to age gaps between students and self-esteem issues. Research shares pros and cons on academic redshirting but there are still no clear results. Before considering the option to hold a child back from elementary school, teachers at a child’s preschool may be helpful in deciding if the practice of academic redshirting may be the right option.
August 27, 2019
Early Childhood In These Laundromats, Adults Do the Wash, and Children Read (Video)
Librarians, early-literacy groups, and laundromat owners are combining forces to see if reaching out to families in places they frequent can help close the literacy gap between low- and higher-income students.
Emma Patti Harris, April 3, 2019
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Early Childhood Opinion Should Children Be Ready for Kindergarten—Or Should Kindergarten Be Ready for Children?
Kindergarten readiness is highly subjective, but the concept has real consequences, writes Stanford University’s Deborah Stipek.
Deborah Stipek, March 25, 2019
4 min read
Early Childhood How to Help Your Child Love Reading (Video)
Parents should read to their children. That's well established. But what's the best way to do that? Here's how.
Lisa Stark, March 18, 2019
1 min read
Families & the Community Home-Visiting Successes Explored in New Reports
Federal home-visiting programs received a $2 billion infusion earlier this year. Now advocates are taking time to show how well the program works for at-risk families.
Christina A. Samuels, December 6, 2018
3 min read
Early Childhood States Still Uneven on the Crucial Pre-K to Kindergarten Transition, Report Finds
Researchers with the Education Commission of the States note that a bumpy transition from preschool to kindergarten can cause problems down the line, but few states are taking a systematic approach to smoothing that transition.
Marva Hinton, September 13, 2018
3 min read
Early Childhood Practicing Kindergarten: How a Summer Program Eases Kids Into Learning
The start of kindergarten can be overwhelming for students, and for their parents. In Portland, Ore., a summer program is working to ease that transition.
Lisa Stark, August 15, 2018
1 min read
Early Childhood Video Kindergarten Can Be Overwhelming - Some Educators Try to Ease the Way
Kindergarten isn’t just about crayons and nap time anymore – it’s serious academics. And whether a student succeeds in kindergarten can have an impact into elementary school and beyond. But nearly a third of the estimated four million children who will start kindergarten this school year haven’t been in a classroom before. Many will be behind from day one. In Portland, Ore., they’re running a summer program to help such students keep up with their peers. Located at a dozen of Portland’s high-poverty schools, the program offers students and their parents three weeks of “practice” kindergarten. The idea is to get them comfortable in school and ready to hit the ground running on the first day of classes.
August 15, 2018
Early Childhood Video Is Your Child Ready for Kindergarten? Are You? Tips From a Teacher
Preparing a child for kindergarten can be a daunting task for any parent. Beyond the challenges of managing separation anxiety, some may also try and get their children “up to speed” by teaching them the alphabet or how to count from 1 to 10. For families whose first language is not English there are also language and cultural barriers to contend with. But what are the most important skills on day one? In Portland, Ore., a kindergarten preparedness program offers parents strategies to help prepare their children to hit the ground running. Teacher Donna Shinagawa shares six tips with us.
August 3, 2018
Early Childhood Opinion Utilizing Research to Expand Early Childhood Services in Baltimore
Research findings yield new insights into how Baltimore's 'Judy Centers' already support and can continue to support early ed and school readiness.
Urban Education Contributor, June 21, 2018
3 min read