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The Education Week Spotlight on The American Rescue Plan is a collection of articles hand-picked by our editors for their insights on the unprecedented digits K12 will have available and what can be done to support the most vulnerable.

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President Joe Biden signs the American Rescue Plan, a coronavirus relief package, in the Oval Office of the White House on March 11, 2021.
President Joe Biden signs the American Rescue Plan, a coronavirus relief package, in the Oval Office of the White House on March 11, 2021.
Andrew Harnik/AP
Education Funding See What the Huge COVID-19 Aid Deal Biden Has Signed Means for Education, in Two Charts
The $1.9 trillion aid package includes nearly $130 billion for K-12, an unprecedented one-time infusion of federal education funding.
Andrew Ujifusa, March 11, 2021
2 min read
Covid Fiscal Rochester
Lincoln Agnew for Education Week
Budget & Finance How COVID-19 Will Make Fixing America's Worst-Performing Schools Even Harder
COVID-19's fallout has shaken how states spend billions in federal aid to fix poor-performing schools serving the most-vulnerable students.
Daarel Burnette II, March 23, 2021
12 min read
Image shows a businessman searching for new revenue in unchartered waters standing on a compass among several waves.
iStock/Getty Images Plus
Education Funding School Budgets: Why They're Not As Bad As Predicted
Revenue projections are up, but districts aren't out of the woods. Seven questions answered about the evolving landscape for budgets.
Mark Lieberman, March 19, 2021
11 min read
Woman applying "Welcome Back" sign to the school entrance
Leo Patrizi/E+/Getty Images
States How to Talk About Next School Year Presents a Big Test for Education Leaders
State K-12 officials must clearly communicate plans for safety, academics, and mental health, while mixing urgency with nuance.
Andrew Ujifusa, April 12, 2021
12 min read
U.S. Secretary of Education Miguel Cardona speaks at Benjamin Franklin Elementary School in Meriden, Conn., on March 3.
Education Secretary Miguel Cardona speaks during a tour at Benjamin Franklin Elementary School, Wednesday, March 3, 2021 in Meriden, Conn.
Mandel Ngan/Pool via AP
Federal Miguel Cardona Unveils Summer Learning Partnership, Releases Some COVID-19 Aid
The department's summer learning collaborative with governors and state K-12 chiefs will focus on building capacity and sharing ideas.
Andrew Ujifusa, March 24, 2021
4 min read
Images shows colorful speech bubbles that say "Q," "&," and "A."
Equity & Diversity Opinion Strategies for Supporting LGBTQ Students
Three educators share ways to help LGBTQ students.
Larry Ferlazzo, April 11, 2021
10 min read
Image shows a multi-tailed arrow hitting the bullseye of a target.
DigitalVision Vectors/Getty
Equity & Diversity Opinion When Does Educational Equity Become Educationally Unethical?
Equity stumbles into a truly gruesome place when educators are directed to shortchange students based on how they look or where they live.
Rick Hess, April 5, 2021
3 min read
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