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Spotlight on Reading Intervention 2021

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The Education Week Spotlight on Reading Intervention is a collection of articles hand-picked by our editors for their insights on literacy learning gaps; the tasks ahead for educators teaching young learners; newer claims about what’s missing in curriculum and teacher trainings; and what the experts are saying about early reader instruction tools.

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Ashley Palmer, a kindergarten teacher in Matthews, Mo., works with students on letter names using flashcards.
Ashley Palmer, a kindergarten teacher in Matthews, Mo., works with students on letter names using flashcards.
Houston Cofield for Education Week
Reading & Literacy More Than Phonics: How to Boost Comprehension for Early Readers
Learning how to decode words is essential to becoming a reader. But building a strong vocabulary and knowledge-base is crucial as well.
Sarah Schwartz, December 3, 2019
10 min read
Reading & Literacy Is the Bottom Falling Out for Readers Who Struggle the Most?
A growing proportion of 4th and 8th graders read at the lowest level on national tests. Experts are working to understand why.
Sarah D. Sparks, June 15, 2021
5 min read
Illustration of a young student.
Collage by Vanessa Solis/Education Week (Images: Getty)
Teaching The Tough Task Ahead for 1st Grade Teachers
Many children missed out on kindergarten or experienced a more disrupted version. Now, 1st grade teachers will have to fill in the gaps.
Madeline Will, June 22, 2021
10 min read
Image of a girl selecting a book in the library.
Reading & Literacy Popular 'Wonders' Curriculum Shows Gaps in Alignment to Reading Research
A new review claims that the curriculum has gaps in its alignment to reading research, and doesn't offer enough supports for teachers.
Sarah Schwartz, June 10, 2021
6 min read
Image of a very young reader in the library.
Reading & Literacy 'Decodable' Books: Boring, Useful, or Both?
These sound-it-out books designed for young readers aren’t always popular with teachers. But experts say they’re an important tool.
Sarah Schwartz, March 13, 2020
9 min read
Illustration of teachers helping students climb books.
Jess Suttner for Education Week
Reading & Literacy Opinion The Pandemic Will Worsen Our Reading Problem. Another Outcome Is Possible
Early learning lays the foundation for literacy. Here’s how to get young students back on track after a disrupted school year.
Emily Freitag, July 6, 2021
4 min read
Vanessa Solis/Education Week. Source image: SireAnko/Getty
Reading & Literacy Opinion There Are Four Foundational Reading Skills. Why Do We Only Talk About Phonics?
Foundational reading skills are more than the sum of their parts, so we must integrate how we teach them, writes Heidi Anne E. Mesmer.
Heidi Anne E. Mesmer, January 23, 2020
6 min read
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