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See Our Updated Clinton and Trump Comparison With DNC and RNC Material

By Andrew Ujifusa — August 02, 2016 1 min read
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The Democratic and Republican conventions last month didn’t produce a ton of fresh education policy talk—but the respective nominees Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump still gave us some more K-12 material to work with.

We’ve just updated the interactive comparison between Clinton and Trump that we published last month.

The two major party candidates didn’t dramatically break with any of their previous positions, or dish out hugely detailed policy plans. But Trump did work a line or two about school choice into his acceptance speech. And Clinton did briefly allude to a plan to make college more affordable.

They also made a few remarks that didn’t neatly fit into any of our interactive feature’s categories. Trump, for example, bashed Democrats for prioritizing “bureaucrats” over children. And Clinton upheld teachers’ work in the face of Trump’s assertion that “I alone can fix it” (referring to the myriad problems he said the country has).

In addition, we’ve added a link to our coverage in June of what candidates from other parties, such as the Green Party and Libertarian Party, have said about education, as well as any policy record they have.

Photos from top: Hillary Clinton at the Democratic National Convention and Donald Trump at the Republican National Convention. (Deanna Del Ciello/Swikar Patel for Education Week)

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