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In her 10 years at Education Week, Catherine Gewertz has written primarily about urban education. She concentrates on the world of secondary schools, with a particular focus on the transitions into and out of high school. (High School Connections ceased publishing in December 2009.)

Standards Making the Case for Common Standards
A new brief recaps attempts to create national standards, and argues that doing so now is of crucial importance.
Catherine Gewertz, December 18, 2009
1 min read
Teaching Profession What Makes A 'Good Reader'?
Does it take more than lots of reading time and great role models to make terrific readers?
Catherine Gewertz, December 17, 2009
1 min read
Equity & Diversity Gender Equity in College Admissions: Do We Have a Problem?
More on the question of whether colleges need to revise admissions practices to drive up the numbers of men on campus.
Catherine Gewertz, December 16, 2009
1 min read
Student Achievement The Achievement Gap: A Useless Measure?
Columnist argues that the goal of narrowing the achievement gap is misguided.
Catherine Gewertz, December 15, 2009
1 min read
School & District Management 'Nagging And Nurturing' in Middle School to Prevent Dropouts
A national middle school model focuses on detecting potential dropouts in 6th grade and provides wraparound support to help them complete high school.
Catherine Gewertz, December 14, 2009
1 min read
Federal Students Tell Education Stories in Ed. Dept's Winning Videos
Three middle and high school students win the Ed Department's video contest.
Catherine Gewertz, December 11, 2009
1 min read
School & District Management Absences Key in Achievement Lag for Spec. Ed. Students
Absences are found to be a key factor in raising the dropout risk for Chicago 9th graders with disabilities.
Catherine Gewertz, December 10, 2009
1 min read
College & Workforce Readiness OMG, You Mean I Can't Facebook at Work?
Teens say they are less likely to take a job if they will not be permitted to access Facebook while they're at work.
Catherine Gewertz, December 9, 2009
1 min read
Federal Restructuring Under NCLB: What We Know, What We Don't
A new report concludes that No Child Left Behind's restructuring strategies offer low-performing schools little help turning around.
Catherine Gewertz, December 8, 2009
2 min read
School Choice & Charters Roundup: Low College Completion Rates, 21st Century Skills
Education Trust study shows low college completion rates among minority and low-income students; two new books examine the debate about 21st century skills; a study questions whether charter-management groups can succeed on a larger scale.
Catherine Gewertz, December 4, 2009
1 min read
Federal High Schools Flying Blind Without College Data, Report Says
A new report urges the federal government to help high schools get and interpret college-proficiency data so they can better prepare their students for college.
Catherine Gewertz, December 3, 2009
1 min read
College & Workforce Readiness Do Men Deserve A Break in College Admissions?
Author Richard Whitmire wades into the thorny area of college admissions preferences for men.
Catherine Gewertz, December 3, 2009
1 min read
College & Workforce Readiness PTA Seeks to Build Parent Support for Common Standards
The PTA announces a campaign to build parent support for common standards.
Catherine Gewertz, December 2, 2009
1 min read
School & District Management Survey Shows Gaps in Expectations of High Schools
A survey uncovers gaps between what families want from high school and what high school teachers see as their main job.
Catherine Gewertz, December 1, 2009
1 min read