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In her first 10 years at Education Week, Catherine Gewertz wrote primarily about urban education. She concentrated in this blog on the world of secondary schools, with a particular focus on the transitions into and out of high school. This blog is no longer being updated, but you can continue to explore these issues on by visiting our related topic pages: high schools.

Standards Making the Case for Common Standards
A new brief recaps attempts to create national standards, and argues that doing so now is of crucial importance.
Catherine Gewertz, December 18, 2009
1 min read
Teaching Profession What Makes A 'Good Reader'?
Does it take more than lots of reading time and great role models to make terrific readers?
Catherine Gewertz, December 17, 2009
1 min read
Equity & Diversity Gender Equity in College Admissions: Do We Have a Problem?
More on the question of whether colleges need to revise admissions practices to drive up the numbers of men on campus.
Catherine Gewertz, December 16, 2009
1 min read
Student Achievement The Achievement Gap: A Useless Measure?
Columnist argues that the goal of narrowing the achievement gap is misguided.
Catherine Gewertz, December 15, 2009
1 min read
School & District Management 'Nagging And Nurturing' in Middle School to Prevent Dropouts
A national middle school model focuses on detecting potential dropouts in 6th grade and provides wraparound support to help them complete high school.
Catherine Gewertz, December 14, 2009
1 min read
Federal Students Tell Education Stories in Ed. Dept's Winning Videos
Three middle and high school students win the Ed Department's video contest.
Catherine Gewertz, December 11, 2009
1 min read
School & District Management Absences Key in Achievement Lag for Spec. Ed. Students
Absences are found to be a key factor in raising the dropout risk for Chicago 9th graders with disabilities.
Catherine Gewertz, December 10, 2009
1 min read
College & Workforce Readiness OMG, You Mean I Can't Facebook at Work?
Teens say they are less likely to take a job if they will not be permitted to access Facebook while they're at work.
Catherine Gewertz, December 9, 2009
1 min read
Federal Restructuring Under NCLB: What We Know, What We Don't
A new report concludes that No Child Left Behind's restructuring strategies offer low-performing schools little help turning around.
Catherine Gewertz, December 8, 2009
2 min read
School Choice & Charters Roundup: Low College Completion Rates, 21st Century Skills
Education Trust study shows low college completion rates among minority and low-income students; two new books examine the debate about 21st century skills; a study questions whether charter-management groups can succeed on a larger scale.
Catherine Gewertz, December 4, 2009
1 min read
Federal High Schools Flying Blind Without College Data, Report Says
A new report urges the federal government to help high schools get and interpret college-proficiency data so they can better prepare their students for college.
Catherine Gewertz, December 3, 2009
1 min read
College & Workforce Readiness Do Men Deserve A Break in College Admissions?
Author Richard Whitmire wades into the thorny area of college admissions preferences for men.
Catherine Gewertz, December 3, 2009
1 min read
College & Workforce Readiness PTA Seeks to Build Parent Support for Common Standards
The PTA announces a campaign to build parent support for common standards.
Catherine Gewertz, December 2, 2009
1 min read
School & District Management Survey Shows Gaps in Expectations of High Schools
A survey uncovers gaps between what families want from high school and what high school teachers see as their main job.
Catherine Gewertz, December 1, 2009
1 min read