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Have You Ever...

By AAEE — July 05, 2016 1 min read
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My 13 year old daughter has started up some interesting conversations around this have you ever game. Her versions are questions like: Have you ever eaten dog food? Have you ever worn someone else’s clothes? Silly, but fun.

Looking at teaching, we can spin this game differently. As an educator, you should be ready and willing to answer, and fully disclose, all the answers to these questions.

Questions to ask yourself, Have I ever:

  • Posted inappropriate pictures on social media?
  • Been arrested?
  • Done things I will need to disclose on an application or during an interview?

That leads you to your job applications/interviews, have you ever:

  • Committed a crime? Felony/Misdemeanor?
  • Had you license revoked?
  • Worked elsewhere, for how long?
  • Volunteered?
  • Created programming/curriculum?
  • Hosted an afterschool program?
  • Thought about furthering your education?
  • Created career goals and what are they?
  • Considered moving?
  • Considered different grade levels or content areas?
  • Had to start a lesson over?
  • Apologized to your students/parents/staff?
  • Tried something new and failed?
  • Tried something new and succeeded?
  • Been impacted by your students/parents/staff?

There are endless possibilities for your education career, keep growing your personal story by adding to your “have you ever” story.

Amy Spruce

Human Resources Department

Adams 12 School District

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