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Decision Making Strategies

By AAEE — May 22, 2014 1 min read
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Here are some questions to ask yourself when going through the often difficult decision-making process.

Getting Unstuck - Gaining Control

1. What are my assumptions?

  • Many of us assume if only we could make the one right decision about the matter at hand, everything else would fall into place and we would be happy.
  • Decisions are not black and white in terms of their consequences, but simply move you in one direction rather than another.
  • Decisions open up some options and close off others.

2. What are my feelings?

  • Some people create unnecessary stress about making decisions because they give themselves an “either/or” ultimatum. When you are feeling pressured or paralyzed about making a decision, stop, take several deep breaths, and begin to generate some additional alternatives.
  • When you begin to feel self-doubt or regret about past decisions, remind yourself that you made the best decision you could, given the time, circumstances, and information available.

3. Why am I clinging to this behavior?

  • What are the rewards or payoffs? Sometimes people cling to old, non-productive behaviors because they are the safe ways to act.
  • Old habits can limit you. Without risk there is no challenge and no growth.

Visualize yourself at your best and generate other possible outcomes!

Sandra Lindelof

Program Coordinator, Career Services

Central Washington University

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