August 29, 2007

Education Week, Vol. 27, Issue 01
Education Letter to the Editor Richmond’s Reading Gains Didn’t Come From a Script
Referring to student reading gains, Walt Gardner, in his Aug. 1, 2007, letter to the editor, claims that Richmond, Va., is trading teachers for “any adults” who can follow a “script.” In fact, Richmond has turned adults into skilled teachers.
August 28, 2007
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Education Letter to the Editor As Text Publishers Merge, ‘Diversity of Ideas’ Is Lost
What disturbs me about the pending sale of Harcourt’s educational publishing divisions to the Houghton Mifflin Co. is an issue not raised in your article reporting on concerns about this merger.
August 28, 2007
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Education Letter to the Editor Disputing Claim of Progress After Calif. Case Settlement
The study on which your article "Improvements Seen to California Schools As Result of Williams Case Settlement" (Aug. 13, 2007) reports calls into serious question the optimistic view left by your reporting.
August 28, 2007
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Education Letter to the Editor National-Board Dilemma: ‘Elitist Hand-Wringing’?
In response to "The National Board: Challenged by Success?" (Aug. 15, 2007): You’re kidding, right?
August 28, 2007
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Assessment Report Roundup Computerized Tests
In a federal study that could shed light on the potential uses of computers for large-scale tests, researchers have found that computerized tests can effectively measure large groups of students’ skills in problem-solving with technology.
Sean Cavanagh, August 28, 2007
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Federal Report Roundup NCLB ‘Highly Qualified’ Rules for Teachers Seen as Ineffective
Administrators in 74 percent of districts said the law had been minimally effective, or not effective at all, at producing better teachers, according to a study released last week by the Center on Education Policy.
Debra Viadero, August 28, 2007
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Terrell Williams, right, is part of this year’s crop of teachers in Baltimore from the New Teacher Project.
Terrell Williams, right, is part of this year’s crop of teachers in Baltimore from the New Teacher Project.
Christopher Powers/Education Week
Recruitment & Retention New Teacher Project Brings Holistic Style to Urban Districts
Since 2002, the New Teacher Project has been finding at least 10 applicants for each teaching job it fills for the once hard-to-staff Baltimore district.
Vaishali Honawar, August 27, 2007
9 min read
Federal Candidates Urged to Back STEM Initiatives
Business leaders are turning their attention to the 2008 presidential race and urging candidates in both parties to make prosperity through education a core piece of their platforms.
Sean Cavanagh, August 27, 2007
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Recruitment & Retention Opinion Letters to a Young Teacher
Jonathan Kozol writes about why new recruits leave inner-city classrooms—and what it will take to keep them there.
Jonathan Kozol, August 27, 2007
8 min read
Equity & Diversity Record Enrollment Is Projected, But Trend Varies by Geography
Continuing a 10-year trend, U.S. public schools as a whole plan to welcome 49.6 million pre-K-12 students this fall, a projected rise of 1 million from the 2005-06 school year.
Mary Ann Zehr, August 27, 2007
7 min read
Student Well-Being After-School Push Poses Complex Challenge
California’s experience shows hurdles states may confront when moving to implement popular, ambitious programs.
Linda Jacobson, August 24, 2007
5 min read
Reading & Literacy Reading Results Hard to Translate, Panel Concludes
The Reading First Advisory Committee has asked for more time and technical assistance in evaluating the data from the $1 billion-a-year program.
Kathleen Kennedy Manzo, August 23, 2007
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School & District Management Project Aims to Cut Through Fog of Studies On Charters
The National Charter School Research Project has spent three years trying to bring a neutral perspective to the contentious charter school debate.
August 23, 2007
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Federal Pittsburgh Building 'Nation' of 9th Graders
To combat the problem of dropouts, the school district has launched a full-on campaign to get its rising freshmen into high school and keep them there.
Catherine Gewertz, August 23, 2007
7 min read
School & District Management As School Year Looms, Detroit Predicts Enrollment Drop
School leaders are planning to serve 111,000 students—a drop of 5,000 from last year.
Lesli A. Maxwell, August 23, 2007
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