George H.W. Bush

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Former President George H.W. Bush in a 2008 photo. Bush died at the age of 94 on Nov. 30, 2018, about eight months after the death of his wife, Barbara Bush.
Former President George H.W. Bush in a 2008 photo. Bush died at the age of 94 on Nov. 30, 2018, about eight months after the death of his wife, Barbara Bush.
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Federal George H.W. Bush, the 'Education President,' Dies at 94
The 41st president of the U.S., he spearheaded a historic 1989 summit meeting with governors that helped propel the standards-based education improvement movement.
Mark Walsh, December 1, 2018
14 min read
Education Bush Stand on School Choice Is Seen Bolder
In 1988, school choice would not have appeared on very many people's lists of key Presidential campaign issues.
Julie A. Miller, September 9, 1992
9 min read
Education Bush's Early Release of NAEP Data Could Harm Credibility, Board Warns
By prematurely releasing data from the National Assessment of Educational Progress, President Bush could have threatened the credibility of the testing program, the chairman of NAEP's governing board warned last week.
Robert Rothman, June 10, 1992
3 min read
Education Self-Styled 'Education President' Places His Record Before Voters
In declaring himself the "education President" in 1988, George Bush virtually guaranteed education a spot in his 1992 campaign.
Lynn Olson & Julie A. Miller, February 12, 1992
14 min read
Education President Hits the Road To Push America 2000 Plan
President Bush was a man on a mission when he toured the Saturn School of Tomorrow here last week.
Julie A. Miller, May 29, 1991
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Education The 'Education President' at Midterm: Mismatch Between Rhetoric, Results?
During the 1988 campaign, candidate George Bush told a group of students: "I want to be the education President. I want to lead a renaissance of quality in our schools."
Lynn Olson & Julie A. Miller, January 9, 1991
16 min read
Education Bush Pays Homage to Andover Roots
Andover, Mass--George Bush, Class of '42, returned to Phillips Academy here last week to pay tribute to his prep-school roots and recall how he got his inspiration for public service.
Mark Walsh, November 15, 1989
4 min read
Student Well-Being Streetwise Students Give Bush Speech Failing Grade
If speeches could be graded like test papers, then students at one public junior high school here would have given President George Bush's unprecedented national address about drugs to school children a failing mark.
Ellen Flax, September 20, 1989
3 min read
Education President Sounds Battle Cry for a National War on Drugs
On Sept. 5, President Bush delivered a nationally televised address to unveil his plan for fighting the "war on drugs." While much of his speech focused on proposals to intensify law enforcement and to provide new economic and military aid to South American nations where illegal drugs are produced, the President also outlined his plans for increased drug treatment and education. Following are excerpts from Mr. Bush's speech that focus on children and the schools.
September 13, 1989
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Education Education Is Key In War on Drugs, President Says
Washington--In one of his first interviews as President, George Bush last week said the drive to eliminate drug abuse would succeed "only if our education is successful."
Julie A. Miller, February 1, 1989
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Education Educators Shine in Inaugural Week's Spotlight
Washington--George Bush last week told a gathering of some 240 teachers that he had invited them to his inauguration and made his address to them the first official inaugural event to underscore his commitment to be the "education President."
Julie A. Miller, January 25, 1989
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Education A Bicentennial Invitation: Teachers Will Witness Inaugural
George O. Jones Jr., a teacher from the state of Maine, will be attending the Presidential inauguration of George Bush this week, even though he is not exactly sure why.
Mark Walsh, January 18, 1989
5 min read
Education Bush Pledges His Support For Choice, But Is Mum On Private-School Option
President-elect George Bush last week signaled that public-school choice would be a high priority in his Administration, saying that expanding parents' right to choose public schools is a "national imperative."
William Snider, January 18, 1989
7 min read
Education Funding Education Groups Urge Bush To Back Increased School Funding
Washington--If George Bush wants to fulfill his campaign pledge to become the "education President," he should back up his rhetoric with up to $12 billion a year in additional federal money, officials of the Committee for Education Funding said last week.

"Since he has made a commitment to be the education President, we have attempted to define what that means in real terms," said Gerald Morris, the cef's president, who is deputy director of legislation for the American Federation of Teachers.

January 11, 1989
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