Quality Counts 2011: Uncertain Forecast: Education Adjusts to a New Economic Reality

January 13, 2011

State Highlights Reports

The Quality Counts 2011 State Highlights Reports capture all of the data you need to assess your state’s performance in key areas.

Reports are available for each of the 50 states and the District of Columbia and compare individual state data to national data.


Order extra copies in print or as an interactive PDF so you will always have this benchmarking report at your fingertips.

For the Media

Join the editors of Quality Counts and leaders in the field for the release of this year's report and to discuss what is ahead for K-12 policy and reform.

Presentations and roundtable discussions investigate the impact of the recession, federal stimulus, and broader economic conditions on the nation’s schools. Watch the archived event here

Archived: Quality Counts 2011: Education's New Economic Reality
Recap our discussion with a panel of education experts about the impact of the "Great Recession" on schools.

Report Data

Use the exclusive Education Counts database to make your own custom tables, graphs, and maps with more than 1,000 state-level education-policy indicators from 15 years of Quality Counts.

These include all of the indicators reported in this year’s report, plus more detailed breakouts of key indicators

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This interactive map offers a quick way to examine state-by-state grades and summary data.
Looking for detailed state data? The State Highlights Reports assemble findings on each of the 50 states plus the District of Columbia and compare individual state data to national data.
Your turn. Manipulate grades for states based on weighting schemes of your choice.
This interactive chart tracks stimulus funding and key economic indicators—the Dow Jones industrial average, housing sales, and the unemployment rate.
These slideshows and accompanying statistics offer a visual glimpse of the nation's economic pulse.
This year's Quality Counts report arrives at a time of continued fiscal anxiety and education policy ferment in the wake of what has been widely described as the "Great Recession" of 2007-09.
Cuts to programs and personnel add stress for states and districts struggling to improve their education systems.

States that never had a boom were hit doubly hard by the national downturn, while others skated by.
The sour economy enhanced the allure of innovations such as distance learning, online offerings, and social media.
The recession slowed, but failed to stop, many states' efforts to bolster early-education.
Pay and pensions make up a massive portion of schools' costs, but controlling them takes creativity and realism.
Officials walk a delicate legal line as they seek to identify savings in a high-cost, mandated area.
Everything from transportation to teacher assignments comes under scrutiny in the quest to cut costs.
New governors and lawmakers must balance thin coffers and ambitious agendas.
The annual Quality Counts survey finds modest changes amid turbulent fiscal waters.
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