QC11 Snapshots

Economic Snapshots

Financial downturns have long tails, especially for school districts that have watched their tax bases wither over the past two years. In states like Michigan, where the once-thriving auto industry has crumbled, spending cuts have reached deep into classrooms. In many states, districts are under pressure to raise class sizes and find other ways to cut costs. Some states have raised taxes to fill holes in their budgets, yet that money has not compensated for lost revenues. There are a few bright spots, however. Wyoming, for one, kept a steady tax stream flowing from its mineral leases and other natural resources. The following slideshows and financial data offer economic snapshots from across the nation.

Alaska California
Maryland Massachusetts
Michigan Texas
Wyoming Quality Counts

In March 2024, Education Week announced the end of the Quality Counts report after 25 years of serving as a comprehensive K-12 education scorecard. In response to new challenges and a shifting landscape, we are refocusing our efforts on research and analysis to better serve the K-12 community. For more information, please go here for the full context or learn more about the EdWeek Research Center.