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March 29, 2007

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Discussions on the release of Technology Counts 2007: A Digital Decade

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Technology Counts 2007: A Digital Decade, March 30, 2007.

Technology Counts 2007: The Evolution of Ed. Tech., April 4, 2007.

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Press Package Requires Adobe Acrobat Reader
A special state-focused online supplement to Technology Counts 2007. This new State Technology Report assembles key findings in an accessible format that allows readers to examine a particular state’s performance on this year’s indicators.
Download a State's Full PDF Report:
These interactive maps offer a quick way to examine state-by-state grades by categories. The grades break down into three categories: access, capacity, and use.
Provides comprehensive data for individual states in the following categories: access to technology, use of technology, capacity of use, state data system, and data access and analysis tools. Also provides ways to compare multiple states' data in all categories, as well as states' overall grades.
A Digital Decade
In its 10th annual report, Technology Counts looks back, and ahead, after a decade of enormous upheaval in the educational technology landscape.
Getting Up to Speed
With Internet access now nearly universal in U.S. schools, an important technology-policy goal has been reached. But many other challenges remain.
    E-Rate’s Imprint Seen in Schools
  • Teachers and students have used the program to tap resources for learning, to publish their own work on the Web, and to share information worldwide.
The digital aids in many of today's classrooms are giving teachers instructional options unheard-of in the past, but the majority of teachers are not tech savvy.
Dubbed "digital natives" because of their facility with devices that confound their elders, today's students typically use technology more outside school than in.
Reflecting the impact of broader federal education policy, the research focus for school technology has shifted from experimentation to effectiveness.
    Technology Counts, Times 10
  • Technology Counts has chronicled a 10-year period of momentous growth and change in educational technology.
The boom in virtual education, barely a blip 10 years ago, is now posing myriad policy questions as students and teachers do more learning online.
More schools are using digital data-analysis tools to spotlight, share, and respond to information on student achievement at a schoolwide level.
State Data Analysis
Tracking U.S. Trends
Technology Counts 2007 grades states on leadership in educational technology, and finds wide variation among them in the core areas of access, use, and capacity.
Table PDF | Excel Technology Leaders: Grading the States
    How Education Week Graded the States
  • For the Technology Leaders section of Technology Counts 2007, the EPE Research Center collected data on 14 indicators covering three major areas of state technology policy and practice: access, use, and capacity.