February 28, 2007

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Vol. 26, Issue 25
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But new findings show declines in reading test scores and lackluster performance in mathematics.
A coalition of numerous education and other groups would reduce the focus on testing.
The IERI initiative was arguably the largest cross-disciplinary education research effort the federal government has undertaken.
Working with science standards reflects a new direction for the National Science Teachers Association.
A new proposal would mark a clear shift away from a system controlled by individual states and universities.
District Dossier
New charter schools are needed to help accommodate the city's fast-growing student population.
People in the News
News in Brief: A National Roundup
Nonprofit grantees are hiring firms to develop online educational materials for public schools.
Report Roundup
Researchers examined “virtual, but authentic” voices of young people who identify themselves as having a learning disability.
The award honoring “pioneers” in education will this year focus for the first time on individuals working to prepare global leaders for the future.
Federal officials also failed to screen a contractor for potential bias, says a new report.
Proposed legislation would make it easier for other teachers' groups to get access to recruits.
California’s Quality Education Investment Act will provide $3 billion to roughly 500 schools over seven years to boost performance.
State Journal
State of the States
Reporter's Notebook
Two bills being debated on Capitol Hill would extend a federal program aiding rural schools and communities.
Federal File
The case challenged the New York City school system’s policy of permitting schools to display Christmas trees, but not Christian nativity scenes.
News in Brief: A Washington Roundup
The Ogden, Utah, schools have used mandates of the federal Reading First grant program to fine-tune instruction districtwide, and students' scores are way up.
T.C. O'Brien argues that education data regarding math curriculum development do not support anti-reformists.
Some say the writing section on the new SAT is responsible for large score drop offs, but author Ardith Davis Cole says more research is needed to understand how writing affects high-stakes test performance.
Much of the research informing policy discussion about American school reform wields undeserved influence, write Kevin G. Welner and Alex Molnar.

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