Twenty-One Trends for the 21st Century: Out of the Trenches and Into the Future

This groundbreaking book has implications for education, communities, and the whole of society. For all of us and our organizations, the work we do each day in our personal “trenches” defines our individual lives and shapes our future.

But, what happens if we never look up, if we fail to understand the larger world and appreciate our place in it? We become too entrenched and trapped in yesterday’s ways of thinking, and we get stuck in a mindset that isn’t ready for the challenges of today, much less those we will face – individually and as a society – tomorrow.

In this go-to guide for thinking and planning, futurist, Gary Marx, lays out an array of trends with seismic shifts that have real implications for organizations, nations, and each of us.

Whether we look at rapidly shifting demographics, constantly emerging technologies, environmental challenges, the way we learn or the way we lead, the world is changing faster and more dramatically now than at any time in human history. None of us can afford to be left behind. Twenty-One Trends for the 21st Century gets to the root of the most important trends reshaping society today and offers the deeper understanding of these dynamics that will prepare tomorrow’s leaders for what comes next.
Table of Contents

Marx provides concrete strategies to develop leaders by:
-Engaging students, staff, and colleagues in active learning and problem solving skills
-Building adaptability and resilience in our work lives
-Keeping in touch with rapidly changing institutions and communities
-Understanding and planning for the critical issues in our future
-Releasing ingenuity and creativity in others

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