Quality Counts 2020: Chance For Success

A Report Card for States and the Nation on Success Indicators

Geography may not be destiny, but things can look very different depending on what state you live in and what the data say about your lifetime prospects. This first of three Quality Counts 2020 installments evaluates the nation and the states on 13 family, school, and socioeconomic markers from the early years and K-12, into adulthood and the working world that make up the EdWeek Research Center’s Chance-for-Success Index. It includes top-to-bottom rankings and letter grades for all 50 states and the District of Columbia, along with analysis about what’s working, what’s not, and how policymakers can respond. The second installment of Quality Counts 2020, released on June, focuses heavily on school finance. September’s third and final installment will feature the K-12 Achievement Index, and will pull together all the strands of this year’s data for final summative grades and scores on all the states and the nation.

Quality Counts 2020


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Learn more about Education Week’s Chance-for-Success Index, which weighs more than a dozen family, school, and socioeconomic indicators that play into a student’s prospects for positive outcomes.
January 22, 2020 – Education Week

For the 13th year, the nation posts C-level grades when it comes to preparing residents for a lifetime of success, Education Week’s latest analysis shows.
January 22, 2020 – Education Week

The Quality Counts 2020 Highlights Reports capture the key data you need to assess your state's performance on key academic, school funding, and socioeconomic indicators. (National report available as well.)
January 22, 2020 – Quality Counts

Examine the grades and scores that states and the nation earned on the Chance-for-Success Index in Quality Counts 2020, along with how they scored on a host of socioeconomic and other indicators that go into those rankings.
January 22, 2020 – Quality Counts

The District of Columbia trailed behind most of the country in 2008 in offering students a chance for success. It's now No. 7, the nation’s most improved in that time.
January 22, 2020 – Education Week

Early-childhood education is a priority for New Mexico, and a first-term governor has approved school funding increases, but the state remains challenged by issues of poverty and educational governance.
January 22, 2020 – Education Week

Massachusetts ranks high in laying the groundwork for moving through its educational system, but officials are keenly aware that children in poverty, those with special needs, and English-learners can fall short.
January 22, 2020 – Education Week

How does the lack of fluency in English impact a student's chance for success in school? And what can we learn from new nationwide data on parental fluency?
January 22, 2020 – Education Week

How does the EdWeek Research Center determine the grades given to states and the nation in the 2020 Quality Counts report? Learn more about the report's grading scale, methodology, and sources.
January 22, 2020 – Education Week

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