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School & District Management

Building the Future of Education: Innovative Funding Models, Collaborative Teams, and Sustainable Tech Solutions

In this fast-paced educational landscape, ensuring your school thrives requires a multi-pronged approach. Follett Learning, a trusted partner in education solutions, is proud to present you with actionable insights on optimizing your tech infrastructure (think efficient asset management and informed technology refresh cycles), explore innovative funding models like Public-Private Partnerships (PPPs), and discover how collaborative leadership can foster a culture of innovation and drive student success. Learn from industry experts, analyze real-world case studies, and connect with passionate educators—all designed to help you future-proof your school.

On-Demand Webinars

Future-Proofing Your School's Tech Ecosystem: Strategies for Asset Tracking, Sustainability, and Budget Optimization
Gain actionable insights into effective asset management, budget optimization, and sustainable IT practices.
Innovative Funding Models: A Deep Dive into Public-Private Partnerships
Discover how innovative funding models drive educational projects forward. Join us for insights into effective PPP implementation.
Leadership in Education: Building Collaborative Teams and Driving Innovation
Learn strategies to build strong teams, foster innovation, & drive student success.