Tracking Texas High School Students

September 24, 2003 2 min read

The Texas Education Agency uses the following “leaver codes” to keep track of why students leave school. Those in red are not considered dropouts.

The following codes are used for students who completed the high school program:

01 = Graduated

19 = Failed exit test; met graduation requirement
Student failed exit-level TAAS or TAKS, but met all other graduation requirements.

31= Completed GED
Student completed General Educational Development certificate and has not returned to school.

63 = Graduated, returned, left again
Student graduated in a previous school year, returned to school, and left again.

64 = Received GED, returned, left again
Student received a GED in a previous school year, returned to school to work toward the completion of a high school diploma, and then left.

80 = Enrolled in other Texas public school

81 = Enrolled in Texas private school

82 = Enrolled in school outside Texas

21 = Official transfer to other Texas district
Student who still resides in the district officially transferred to another Texas public school district through the Student Transfer System.

22 = Alternative program working toward diploma/certificate
Student withdrew from/left school to enroll in an alternative program, is in compliance with compulsory attendance laws, and district has acceptable documentation that the student is working toward the completion of high school (diploma or GED certificate).

72 = Court- ordered alternative program
Student was ordered by a court to attend an alternative education program.

60 = Home Schooling

24 = Pursuing College Degree
Student withdrew from/left school to enter college and is working towards an associate’s or bachelor’s degree.

78 = Expelled, cannot return

79 = Expelled, can return, has not
Student was expelled, but can now return to school and has not done so.

83 = Administrative withdrawal
Student was withdrawn from school by the district when the district discovered that the student was not a resident at the time of enrollment or had falsified enrollment information, proof of identification was not provided, or immunization records were not provided.

84 = Academic performance
Student withdrew from/left school for reasons related to academic performance such as low or failing grades, poor attendance, language problems, or failing the TAAS or TAKS.

14 = Age
Student withdrew from/left school because of age.

02 = Pursue job or job training

04 = Join the military

08 = Pregnancy

09 = Marriage

15 = Homeless or non-permanent resident
Student withdrew from or left school because of homelessness or non-permanent residency.

66 = Removed by Child Protective Services
Student was removed from home by Child Protective Services and the district has not been informed of the student’s current status or enrollment.

03 = Died

10 = Alcohol or other drug abuse problem

16 = Returned to home country
Student withdrew from/left school to return to family’s home country.

30 = Entered health-care facility

61 = Incarcerated outside district
Student was incarcerated in a facility outside the boundaries of the district.

99 = Other (unknown, not listed)