Secrets in the Teacher’s Lounge

By Stacey Decker — May 29, 2007 1 min read
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The Science Goddess of What It’s Like On The Inside is used to having students tell her secrets in her classroom and going to the proper authorities when those secrets require intervention. But, as a district curriculum specialist, she now has colleagues divulging secrets about other teachers, administrators, and employees.

I get all sorts of things whispered in my ear about what's happening with various departments and programs. It frustrates me because as much as I am ready, willing, and able to listen to whatever teachers wish to share, I'm often powerless to do anything about it. But if not me, than who? …This part is a minefield that I'm still learning to traipse. ...
What I do mind is teachers getting the impression that no one cares about their problems. To me, the main difference between most of what teachers lay at my feet vs. what they tell The Union is that the things I hear come from a place that is (for the most part) student-centered. I don't want to lose these voices from our district or have them feel that their concerns aren't valid.

Where would you turn?

A version of this news article first appeared in the Blogboard blog.