Quote of the Day: “Downright Disorienting”

By Kevin Bushweller — October 11, 2006 1 min read
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“You never can tell how kids are going to see something or how they are going to react to anything that might happen. Their ways are not our ways, and when we get a glimpse into what and how they are thinking, it can be downright disorienting.”

That quote comes from the author of Today’s Homework, one of the blogs this blog follows for insights into student motivation. The author goes on to tell a funny story about having to escort a teenage boy to his math class every day because he was always looking for ways to get out of going there. It’s a funny and also insightful tale that gets at all the little things teachers do in their daily lives to encourage kids to be more motivated.

It’s worth checking out.

A version of this news article first appeared in the Motivation Matters blog.