January 29, 1997 2 min read

According to political cartoonist Ranan Lurie, America’s schools are ignoring some elements essential to a complete education. Current events, he believes, take a back seat to tired, archaic bits of history. To help change this situation, Mr. Lurie has launched Cartoon News: The Current Events Monthly, a magazine that samples news-based cartoons from across the nation and the political spectrum.

The roughly 50 pages in each issue contain a smorgasbord of reprinted cartoons that cover--and make light of--issues ranging from presidential campaigns to foreign policy. The magazine aims to present current events in a quick, witty package that will appeal to high school students. It also includes background information on the topics illustrated, as well as sample discussion questions.

Copies of Cartoon News are being mailed this month to every public high school in the country. The magazine costs $3 per issue, although Mr. Lurie plans to offer free subscriptions to inner city schools with demonstrated financial need.

The American Association of School Librarians has launched ICONnect, a technology initiative designed to help students, teachers, and librarians learn to use the Internet. The initiative includes a series of publications offering step-by-step instructions for integrating on-line resources into the curriculum.

Iconnect focuses on four elements of technology use: gopher and home-page use, Internet curriculum, on-line courses, and mini-grants. It also offers KidsConnect, an on-line question-and-answer service for students. “How to Connect to the Internet,” the first booklet in the ICONnect series, provides a written guide for navigating the World Wide Web in an informed, efficient manner.

Publications in the ICONnect initiative are available for $12 each ($10.80 for American Library Association members) by writing the ALA, 155 N. Wacker Drive, Chicago, Ill. 60606-1719. More information is available on the ICONnect home page at

The Macmillan/McGraw-Hill School Division has created a Web site devoted to providing a comprehensive list of Internet-related resources for use in language arts, mathematics, social studies, and professional development. “Resource Village: A Place for Teachers” is located at and is designed for use by teachers in grades K-8.

“Resource Village” includes classroom-appropriate Web links as well as sample lesson plans. The professional-development section of the page offers suggestions and resources for using Internet technology in the classroom. Also available to teachers is CyberScout, a search service that finds Web sites geared to any specified curriculum.

More information on “Resource Village” is available by calling McGraw-Hill School Interactive at (800) 678-2747.