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What’s the ONE Inspirational Video You Are Showing Your Teams?

By LeaderTalk Contributor — August 13, 2009 1 min read
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As millions of teachers are saying good bye to their summer and gearing up for the new school year, principals, staff developers, and leaders are planning their “welcome back” conversation for the oh-so-anticipated first day staff meeting. You know the one where everyone in the room really wants to be working in their classroom, but are gathered in the school cafeteria for the mandatory “let’s go get ‘em” rally.

As exciting as it is to be apart of such gatherings, it is often a challenge to find the perfect way to engage, excite, and encourage. The key to success- a GREAT video! A great video has the power to challenge, remind, provide perspective, and inspire; often in under 10 minutes!

But with so many choices, which one is best for your staff? your message? your students?
I posed the following question to my on and offline friends and colleagues to help you answer those questions.

If there was ONLY one video that I could introduce to my colleagues and my students, from all of the wonderful videos that I have come to learn about, it would be________________ because_________.

The response was amazing, and the following three received “top billing":

1, Starkville, MS Schoold District “Believe”

2,No Future Left Behind

3, To Meet the Demands of a New Age

To Meet the Demands of a New Age from Steven H on Vimeo.

I have and included the links to other popular suggestions. Feel free to add your favorite, and we will keep the list growing. Here’s to the conversations that come! Happy viewing!

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