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Vote for the People’s Choice Awards in the #MTT2K Contest

By Justin Reich — August 20, 2012 2 min read
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The time has finally arrived, for you (hereafter, “the people”), to vote for the #MTT2K People’s Choice award. Nearly 30 entries were submitted covering a wide variety of responses to specific Khan Academy videos and to the role of Khan Academy in classrooms, schools, and education reform more broadly. Some videos offer very challenging criticisms; some offer more “friendly amendments.” Math educator Dan Meyer and I will be awarding the Grand, Second, and Third prizes, and you the people will vote for the People’s Choice award. Voting opens now, and will close on midnight, Monday, August 27.

The People’s Choice Award Voting survey is here. There are no rules to the contest: you can solicit votes for your videos or not. I clicked a box on the survey which says “prevent ballot box stuffing,” so it will make it difficult for you to vote multiple times, but if you are really moved to try, then have at it.

The survey link includes a link to all the videos entered, which will be displayed to you in random order. Contestants, if I spelled your name wrong or linked a video wrong, please tell me. The videos are also linked below and on the #MTT2K Khan-test home page. There is also a short answer question asking you why you voted the way you did. Finally, there is an option suggesting that the whole contest is a bad idea and we should just send the money to Sal Khan. This is the chance for thoughtful critics of this contest, as well as pugnacious trolls, to weigh in with their views.

As the slam poets say, “The point is not the points; the point is poem.” Good luck to all the submitters, and of course the real winner is everyone who is thinking more carefully about the kinds of contributions that Khan Academy and other emerging online venues can make to better education.

MTT2K Episode 1
Khan Tenure Hearing
While Watching a KA Video on Acceleration
Shawn Cornally #mtt2k
Critique of a Khan Academy Video
Khan’s Vision
Khan’s Got Talent
What if Khan Academy was made in Japan?
Throwndown with Sal Khan
Feedback for Sal Khan on Parallax
Math Doodling with Ga Rube
What’s missing from this lesson?
Why is everyone bashing Khan Academy?
Help! I Khan’t find the right video
The awwwww of sines
Constructive Commentary on Khan Academy’s First Fraction Video
How fast will a rock be moving after dropped off a cliff?
Forces: Authority vs. Evidence
Mystery Teacher Theatre 2000- Episode 2
S4.1000 - Yes We Khan
The Coordinate Plane
Put Call Parity Clarity Explanation
Khan’s Vision #mtt2k
Dr. Perdue’s entry for #MTT2K: Khan Video Critique
Understanding Imaginary Numbers | BetterExplained
The History Of The Korean War brought to you by UniversiTae and presented by Dr. Tae (#mtt2k)
Khan Academy in the Classroom: Rhetoric and Reality

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