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Tiring Day

By Autumn Mundy — November 16, 2005 1 min read
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So I witnessed my first fight today. I really didn’t think it was going to go that far. The two boys involved had pushed each other around before and today they mixed in some punches! I’m happy that there were other teachers around to witness the whole thing. A couple of older boys stepped in and picked the one kid up off the floor. The principal was just around the corner and she was very available to escort the boys back.

The day overall was just crazy! There was sooooooooo much talking it was crazy. Mrs. C stepped out for a meeting and a sub came in. He was not impressed with our class at all. I have a few students who have resorted back to the attitude and bulling from the beginning of the year. We had a lesson on respect today that was not very impressionable on them. Nearly all of them told the class that listening and being nice were good ways of showing respect as they talked to those around them. It was a very big oxymoron. When I got the class back from lunch they sat down and read for a while. They were very quite because they had no other option. I don’t like yelling but for some reason today it worked.

I know for a fact that I will have a discipline plan set up in my classroom. I am going to try and do something next week for the week of my teaching the week after that. I need to find some things that can be measured out and hidden well. I am thinking popcorn but I don’t want the critters to get in it. Then, the next week we can have a popcorn party. I’ll talk it out with my teacher and see what she has to say……

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