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By Alexander Russo — January 23, 2007 2 min read
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Every week, The Education Wonks organize an amazing Carnival Of Education Blogs that includes dozens and dozens of author-submitted blog posts.

Every once in a while, I take my own look at the education blogs and come up with my own favorite posts – usually ones that are particularly counterintuitive, insightful, or well-written.

Click below to see some recent favorites. I guarantee you’ll find at least a couple that you really like -- especially the funny ones. The Teacher Tenure Issue Chalkboard
The ball is in the mayor’s court to explain what the heck he is talking about, especially now that UFT President Randi Weingarten is out with her comments on the matter: Teachers don’t get automatic tenure. Never did. Never will.

Who Wants Reality from Teacher Movies? Intercepts
Freedom Writers is the “truth-based” story of Long Beach, California, high school teacher Erin Gruwell, who takes a ragtag bunch of misfits, carves them into a cohesive, intelligent group, and then leads them on a commando mission to decapitate the Nazi high command.Oh wait, that’s The Dirty Dozen.

Beneath mayor’s fanfare lies a sound framework School Me
The Mayor Who Wants to Save the Children pranced onto the stage with Chuck Berry blasting: Up in the mornin’ and out to school / the teacher is teachin’ the Golden Rule. Fireworks exploded. Fog machines pumped ersatz clouds. Well, not really.

Weren’t Things Easier When We Could Just Decide Who Was Dumb and Teach Them Less? Jenny D.
It sure was. Gosh, back in the good old days in the 1920s or so, educators whipped out those handy IQ tests, administered them to young children, assigned them a number, stuck them in an “appropriate” educational track, and took credit for the appropriate outcome.

Eduwonk’s “Branding” Problem EdWize
This particular example fits into a pattern of Rotherham regularly citing criticisms of teacher unions without engaging the substance of the issues behind the criticisms...When one is as keen on the politics of perception and branding as Rotherham is, he should realize that the perception problem is his own. Brander, heal thyself.

The Mythology of American Education Assorted Stuff
When the Department of Education issues statistics comparing the performance of American students to their counterparts in other countries, they often use “crisis” or similar terms to indicate how far our kids are behind the rest of the world. But is our education system as whole all that bad?

Who’s horrified by Charles Murray?
In response to Charles Murray’s three-part series of op-eds on intelligence and education in the WJS (part 1, part 2, part 3), plenty of bloggers have been quick to distance themselves from the knuckle-dragging portion of the center-right portion of the political spectrum.Who agrees with Murray is telling.

I’ve also recently linked to the AFT Blog (AFT Blog Scores President’s Education Agenda), The Quick and The Ed (The Think Tank Mystery), and Eduwonk (Who’s Under More Pressure To “Deliver” NCLB? Pelosi Or Bush?).

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