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‘Dating Out’ -- The Option Coming Soon to White Women

By Richard Whitmire — February 26, 2010 1 min read
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Dating Out is what black women call dating someone out of their race, as laid out in this Washington Post article. For black women looking to marry someone equally educated, that’s an option that has to be considered. In urban areas such as Washington, there are three times as many college educated black women as men. The math is simple.

The math is also becoming simple for white women. With 62 percent of associate’s degrees and 57 percent of bachelor’s degrees going to women, where are educated white women going to find suitable mates? By “marrying down,” so to speak, to men lacking their education level.

Will that happen? Perhaps, but I’m guessing not nearly enough to avoid significant rises in the number of middle class white women avoiding marriage and having children on their own through sperm banks.

Now, tell me again why so many women’s advocacy groups resist school interventions designed to correct the academic indifference we see among boys in the K-12 school system? And please explain why the Department of Education continues to duck the gender gap issue.

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