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Curmudgucation Digest (October 26)

By Peter Greene — October 26, 2014 1 min read
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It has been a busy week in the world of education news (thanks a lot, Time magazine). Here’s what’s been happening at the other blog.

Management by Screen

Over in the private sector, there are people who think you can manage a whole business from your office with a computer. Do you suppose there are any people like that in education?

Forever Schools

If you want to take over a school, you should follow the same basic rules as getting a puppy. It should be forever.

Weary in Wisconsin

One of my readers in Wisconsin has just about had it. Here is her story.

Questioning the Test

Sarah Blaine at parentingthecore has a great list of questions to ask the Person in Charge of Testing at your school.

New Robes for the Testing Cult

Did the announcement of Testing 2.0 really change anything? Take a look at this Minnesota Yay Testing site.

Charter Takeovers Tennessee Style

Tennessee has its own ideas about how to destroy public ed and replace it with charters.

Google Hearts TFA in the Worst Way

I came across a lot on interesting stuff this week, but this might be the most amazing-- a Business Insider piece that lovingly promotes TFA as a way to get a real job at Google.

Fast Food Schooling: Worse Than You Think

Turns out the same hedge fund wizards who are assaulting education have figured out how to make things even worse in the fast food sector. A cautionary tale for education.

Time’s Tenure Story

Time ran a cover story about teacher tenure this week. Perhaps you’d heard? I got to the story early, and wrote a response before I ever saw the cover.

Should We Embrace Charter Chains

Richard Whitmire tried to make a case in favor of charter chains this week. He did not change my mind.

Charter Wolves in Public School Clothing

Off to Buffalo this time, to see how a public school board member can use his elected office to advocate for charter schools and his personal business to profit from them.

Jeb’s National Education Summit

You’re just about out of time to register for FEE’s annual Education Summit. Here’s a quick breakdown of what the summit will be covering this year.

TFA vs. Harvard Students

Valerie Strauss published the results of a letter-swapping debate between TFA and Harvard’s United Students Against Sweatshops. Some of TFA’s contributions were revealing.

Test Prep Texts

Test prep has not died. It’s not even wheezing. It’s more critical than ever, and more expensive, to boot.

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