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Curmudgucation Digest (October 12)

By Peter Greene — October 12, 2014 1 min read
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Here’s what was going on over at Curmudgication last week.

California’s Superintendent Race Defies Sense

I’m not sure what Marshall Tuck’s long term goal could possibly be, but hey, look, celebrities!

Depth of Knowledge? You’ll Need Hip Boots.

An inservice about Depth of Knowledge turns out to be not very deep in the knowledge department.

Should We Treat Teachers Like Software Engineers?

A Techcrunch writer thinks maybe yes. Of course, he also thinks South Korea treats teachers well, so it’s possible he doesn’t know what he’s talking about.

Charters Want More Money

In some regions, charters are shifting from “We can educate children for less than public schools” straight to “Give us the same chunk of money that public schools get.”

High Stakes Demand Perfection

Blogger Sarah Blaine calls Pearson on yet another test mistake. Why do piddly little answer key mistakes matter?

SAT: Going Nowhere Fast

SAT results are flat. Wait-- didn’t education reform fix that?! Well, at least College Board marketing reports still get treated like legitimate news.

Schools and Social Capital

Responding to Andy Smarick’s remarks regarding the importance of social capital in the overall schools and neighborhoods picture.

Outsourcing, Teaching and Not Understanding the Free Market

Reports show that some districts are responding to the “teacher shortage” with borderline human trafficking. What they don’t understand about how the free market works.

Iowa Teacher of the Year Offers Dopey Common Core Quote

My US Dept. of Ed email includes a quote from the2014 Iowa teacher of the year. It’s a really bad metaphor for standards.

The Five Percent Rule

Only five percent of anything is real and true and worthwhile. If only we could agree on which five percent...

Is the Paperless Classroom Coming?

Time magazine thinks the paperless classroom is imminent. I think Time magazine might be smoking something.

Planning vs. Creativity

Spinning off a Brain Pickings post, I consider how taking an unplaned and uncontrolled leap is part of creativity and life, and therefore, education.

I also did my part to plug the Network for Public Education’s Public Education Nation event. But that took place yesterday. Hope you didn’t miss it!

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