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Curmudgucation Digest (November 23)

By Peter Greene — November 23, 2014 1 min read
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Jeb wants to nuance his way to President, Brookings wants the poor to marry their way to prosperity, and principals want to find a way to get VAM off their backs.

100% Charter Fail

No 100% charter system is ever going to work. Here’s why.

Washington: Disabilities Aren’t Real

The state joins DC in asserting that all students with disabilities just need a big dose of high expectations

Administration Wants To Lock in Testing Forever

The new NCLB waivers lock in Race to the Top reforms into the next administration

Nobody Owns the Beach

It’s bad to allow private ownership of a public good.

Ed Lessons from Athletics

Mark McClusky’s new book, Faster, Higher, Stronger, contains lessons from the sports world that will seem familiar to educators

National Test Refusal for Pre-Teens

Does an FTC regulation hold the key to banning cyber-testing for pre-teens?

Next Generation Accountability; A Misbegotten Heritage

Here’s the advice that won’t be taken about how to make the next generation of accountability systems less odious than the last

PA Cybers Still Failing

PA cyber charters are still in the back of the pack by the state’s own measures

Brookings to Poor: Stop Fornicating, Dammit

Brookings has figured out how to fix the income gap-- the poor have got to shape up and behave

Bush: Nuanced and Wrong

Jeb Bush opens his education summit by trying to nuance his position on Common Core. There may or may not be nuance in his view, but there’s certainly a big pile of Wrong.

A Note To Your Hero

Make an effort to rcognize the people who have made a difference for you

Charters Make Money. So What?

My response to the eternal question-- if charters do a good job, who cares if they’re soaking the taxpayers?

Principals vs. VAM

The NASSP is in the comment period for a statement condemning the use of VAM for teacher evaluation

The Big Picture

Trying to put the pieces of ed reform in their larger context

Michigan Okays Crappy Schools

A Michigan court rules that the state just has to set up schools-- they don’t have to be, like, good or anything.

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