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Curmudgucation Digest (November 16)

By Peter Greene — November 16, 2014 2 min read
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Ohio elementary specialist positions under attack, my terrible summer job, and bold new baloney from NCTQ-- this week at Curmudgucation.

Ohio kerfluffle

This was the week the Ohio State Board of Education was going to quietly cut requirements for elementary specialist positions. But things don’t always go according to plan. Events unfolded so quickly that it was a challenge to keep up. Here are the posts from the week covering this story.

Ohio Gunning for Specialists

Apparently there’s a pressing need to find a way to give students less.

Clarifying the Situation

Collecting a few more facts and sources as the week unfolded.

Did the Ohio Board Just Try To Stonewall Critics

The board president tries to squeeze public criticism out of the hearing, and four board members walk out in protest.

Ohio Schools: Cuts and Unfunding and Petitions

As opposition ramped up, complete with change.org petition, it’s worth considering that the root cause here is a failure to fund schools

Everything else

Every Teacher Should Be Bad at Something

What I learned from being lousy at my summer job

US ED: Nothing-burger with Cheese

The feds reminded everyone to finish their paperwork for their non-existent plans to shuffle excellent teachers around.

The Courts Speak on Education

A 1992 lawsuit between an athlete and a college turns up some interesting court language about evaluating education and teachers

Green Dot Offers View of Alternate Universe

The CEO of Green Dot Charter schools has started blogging, but apparently not from this planet.

NCTQ: It’s So Easy

NCTQ does more ridiculous reasearch by reading brochures and syllabi. Why does anybody ever pay attention to these guys?

AFT: Still Supporting the False Narrative

The new AFT grant to go tinker with CCSS still supports the wrong narrative about the Core

TNTP Has an Interesting Idea

Hold onto your hats. TNTP has published something about the teaching career ladder that I don’t violently disagree with

Will Wolf’s PA Love Charters

As PA Governor-elect Tom Wolf starts to announce his team, observers still wonder what side he’ll really be on when it comes to public education.

Great News from MA

One piece of good news this week-- the ed commissioner in MA suddenly decides he thinks linking evaluations to licensure is a bad idea.

Voice, Hypocrisy and Rashomon at AEI

Cami Anderson was supposed to have a pleasnat chat at AEI, but some meanies from NJ showed up. Why must people who are being ignored and trampled be so rude about it?

100% Charter Fail

A study by Weber and Rubin shows why complete charter systems can never happen.

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