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Curmudgucation Digest (May 17)

By Peter Greene — May 17, 2015 1 min read
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Charter fraud, Arne speaks on Pre-K, testing, and the hot new Honesty Gap!

Good News! We Can Cancel The Tests Now!

Once again, research shows that demographic data can do an awfully good job of predicting Big Standardized Test scores. Does that mean we can get rid of the testing?

The Two Critical Testing Questions

When considering the issue of testing, there are just two main questions that need to be answered.

Is the Right Splintering on Testing?

Reading Hess and Pondiscio, one might conclude that the right is getting fuzzy on testing. I don’t think so.

Charter Fraud: Tip of the Iceberg

Time for the annual report of charter school fraud and waste. $200 million and still growing!

Nashville Schools Under Attack While Journalists Sleep

Charter operators are sharpening their knives in Nashville while local journalists prefer not to notice anything untoward.

Arne Talks Pre-K; I Have Questions

Every time Arne Duncan talks about pre-school, I feel nervous.

We Have To Do Something

“The test may not be perfect, but we have to do something” may be one of the dumbest arguments in favor if testing, ever.

I Should Support Charters

If you look at many of my positions on issues like testing, it seems as if I should be a charter supporter. Here’s why I’m not.

Welcome Aboard Big Test Airlines

Of course, I can’t legally tell you anything about the Big Standardized Test I proctored this week- but I can tell you about the directions.

Honesty: The Hot New Gap (With Anti-CCSS Bonus)

Heard about the Honesty Gap yet? All the cool reformy kids are talking about. Here’s another piece from this week about it.

Is That It

Some weeks, real life makes a mockery of things like standardized tests. The most popular read of the week.

Dan Masi: PARCC PR Explained

Dear PARCC. There were some problems with the audio on your promotional video. Dan Masi fixed that for you.

Get the New Orleans Story Out

An independent journalist needs your help in getting an important story out there.

Who’s Listening In Newark?

More protests in Newark. Is anybody in power in New Jersey ever going to pay attention?

Two Turnaround Questions

When the turnaround specialists come calling, here’s what to ask.

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