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Curmudgucation Digest (June 28)

By Peter Greene — June 28, 2015 1 min read
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It has been a busy week, and the news for public education has been none too good.


Chris Wallace provides a gentle plug for the head of PARCC

So Long, Cami. No Celebration To Follow.

Cami Anderson will finally quit Newark, but there’s no cause for celebration.

Campbell Brown’s New Assault

Brown is launching a new news-ish site with a $4 mill budget and a mission.

McGrading the McTest

PARCC official puts fish in barrel, allows education bloggers to go ahead and shoot.

Invest in Test Prep

Despite claims that new generation tests are unpreppable, investors are eyeing the test prep industry

PA: Shredding Seniority

Pennsylvania legislature takes a bite out of seniority protections

The ACT Is Tattling

Students can now pay good money to have the ACT gossip about them to prospective colleges

Fordham’s Takeover Overview

Fordham offers an overview of how takeover programs are doing

Pearson Sells PowerSchool

Pearson has sold the electronic gradebook giant

Ohio Bushwacks Public Education

Ohio legislature suspends democracy for school districts

Privatizer Product Placement

Blogger Steven Singer catches Marvel shilling for reformsters

Corporatized: The Movie

The library of anti-ed-reform movies is growing, and you have a chance to help the next one

USED Sticks It To NY Disabled Students

Duncan’s department tells NY students with special needs,"Tough luck.”

NC: Driving Teachers Away Still Working

North Carolina is still resolutely chasing teachers away

Teachers vs. Publishers’ Reps

If only teachers would stand up to publishers’ reps

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