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Curmudgucation Digest (July 5)

By Peter Greene — July 05, 2015 1 min read
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Creating great teachers and putting them in the right classrooms. More gaps. And a happy Fourth of July.

Testing: NY Relaxes Nothing

For some reason, even folks at the New York Times were excited about “new” NY testing rules that didn’t actually change a thing.

Cyberschool, Truancy, and Abuse

A PA lawmaker is concerned about charter truancy oversight (or the lack thereof).

FEE & the Honesty/Proficiency Gap

FEE lends a helping hand to the reformster effort to make something out of the differences between state testing scores and NAEP results.

Pacts Americana: Bellwether Looks at Fed-State Relationship

Bellwether Ed Partners release a paper about the balance of state and federal control. Interesting questions, the answers need work, but great title.

Who the Hell Is Scott Wagner?

In PA, one senator in particular is busy trying to smash public education and the people who work there.

Are Education Majors Too Easy?

Cristina Duncan Evans thinks it’s too easy to study education. She may have half a point, but then she loses the thread.

How To Train Teachers

So how should we train teachers? I have some thoughts.

Driving the Testing Car

Once again I heard the analogy that good drivers just automatically do well on the driving test, and school testing works the same way. Just teach ‘em good and the test scores will follow. Well, no.

The Superteacher Shuffle

States are busy trying to put a great teacher in every classroom. This will not end well.

Philadelphia Flunks Economics 101

Philly schools decide to fix their substitute teacher problem by paying less and adding an outsourced middle manager. What could possibly go wrong?

The Hard Way

America stands for doing things the hard way. That’s a good thing.

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