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Curmudgucation Digest (July 19)

By Peter Greene — July 19, 2015 1 min read
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Activism, politics, journalism, and pretend journalism—it was a busy week in the edublogosphere.

Test Scoring Monkeys

Yet another journalist gives us a look behind the curtain at a Pearson test-scoring facility. It is not encouraging.

Campbell Brown’s PR Site Launches

Brown launched her PR/advocacy site this week. Any surprises here?

Who Is Served by the Unions?

Exactly whose interests are served by the national unions?

Reformsters Discover Air, Water, but not Food

Hey, did you know that standardized test scores might not be the most effective measure of high school quality? Get out of town!

The Campbell Challenge: #tipsforBrown

Campbell Brown needs some help tracking down tips on charter school scandals so that she can show how fair and balanced her website is.

How AFT Blew It

AFT has bungled its early endorsement of Hillary Clinton. Here’s why they’re wrong.

Can Third Graders “Fail”

Can we stop using the F word when discussing test results? Doubt it.

Public Ed Needs Allies

This week’s amendment-palooza drives home-- again-- that neither major party is a friend of public education.

Test & Punish & Civil Rights

Some civil rights groups argue to maintain test and punish policies. Here’s why they’re wrong.

The GOP vs. DEM Question

What question separates Democrats from Republicans on education? Unfortunately, only this one.

Bottom 5%

Never mind the 1%. 5% is the figure that keeps cropping up in education.

PA: Monster Equity Plan Study Report Thingy (Part 1)

In which I take a look at Pennsylvnia’s submitted plan for educational equity. Wonktastic. If you survive this, you can read Part 2 as well.

The Walking Man Walks

Activism takes many forms, like Jesse Turner, who’s wrapping up his 400 mile walk this week.

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