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Curmudgucation Digest (January 4)

By Peter Greene — January 04, 2015 2 min read
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Changing the year with more Common Core commentary, Pennsylvania education spending, the biggest ed win of the year, and more news from York, PA.

Teachers Declare EVAAS Useless Baloney

Somebody got the bright idea to see if the popular Value-Added Program was providing what it promised by asking actual users. Not good news for the VAAS folks.

Hotel Impossible, Systems, and Schools

The popular show (well, it’s popular at my house, anyway) contains a few lessons for people who want to fix school systems.

Jason Zimba: The Other Guy

NPR decided to profile the Common Core architect who isn’t David Coleman. He still may need a clue or two.

PBS’s Common Core Lifeboat

PBS Newshour decided to do a little Common Core update. They may not have gotten all the pertinent information in there, but they did have fun.

PA’s Education Spending Gap

People felt that Governor Corbett was letting the poor fall further and further behind in education. The AP did some research, and it turns out those feelings were correct.

The Biggest Ed Win of 2014

Public education scored some big wins this year, but I believe the biggest one may have been the quietest one.

2014: What Did My Readers Care About

The requisite look back. I try to figure out what people were most concerned about this year.

USED Calls Parents and Teachers Dopes, Again

Once again, the Department of Education argues that we need testing because teachers and parents are clueless (and maybe liars, too).

Suspension of Democracy Proceeds in York, PA

If you want to get those charters up and running, first you’ve got to cut taxpayers and voters out of the deal. More news about the removal of democracy from the operation of York schools.

Indiana: Building a Better Leech

The Mind Trust of Indianapolis has a successful history of pushing privatization and profiteering. Now they have a new success, and they’re recruiting folks who would like to cash in.

Teacher Union Alternatives?

A New Orleans writer tries to propose astro-turf groups as a viable alternative to teacher unions. Because reasons.

Six Recommendations for Responsibility

Teachers get together to make some recommendations for approaching accountability. Their suggestions are interesting.

Gates vs. Teachers in Pittsburgh

A Gates-backed education group in Pittsburgh decides to stop pretending to be neutral and starts pushing for teacher reform-by-thunderdome.

Also, this week the mother ship blog passed one million views. Even so, I think I’ll still keep my day job.

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