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Curmudgucation Digest (February 1)

By Peter Greene — February 01, 2015 1 min read
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While the money has flowed to bolster PR for school choice and charters, I’ve been taking look at some of charterdom’s less admirable side-effects. Plus, the biggest failure of the reformster movement.

Duncan’s Legless Duck

Arne Duncan is the lamest of ducks. Will he have any kind of say in the new round of waivers?

The Biggest Failure: Defining Success

Sen. Lamar Alexander told Time magazine what he considered the biggest failure of NCLB. I’ll go him one better.

9 Things To Know About School Choice

Forbes helped kick of school choice PR week with a list of nine things to know about choice. Some are interesting. Some are not quite true.

Ohio Charters and Phantom Students

The Ohio auditor’s office discovers that several charter schools seem to have misplaced some of the students they’re taking money for.

Prime Prep Ends with a Whimper

Another celebrity-created charter school bites the dust. The sad end of Deion Sanders’ Prime Prep Academy

Milwaukee’s New War on the Poor

A couple of Wisconsin lawmakers have some ideas about how to get some poor folks off welfare and make some rich folks richer.

Public Schools Are Not Monopolies

Can we just knock it off with the rhetorical flourish of calling public education a monopoly that needs to be broken up?

Ohio Superintendents Step Up

Sixteen public school superintendents in Lorain County have decided enough is enough, and they’re taking a stand for public schools.

Mismarketing the Core

A marketing professional has some thoughts about where the folks behind the Core went wrong.

Boston Consulting Group: Another Dark Horseman

Not as well-known in education circles as Pearson or even McKinsey, but when you pull back the curtain on privatizing schools, you’ll often find these guys standing there.

Charter Sales

Steve Jobs idea that the sales guys will often push out the product guys to the detriment of the business is on display in the charter school biz.

Teachers Fired for Teaching Black History

It happened in DC on the campus of historic Howard University. In a charter school.

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