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Comply, Or Perish, Says NEA To Congress

By Alexander Russo — November 02, 2007 1 min read
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The newsiest of recent blog posts is Joe Williams’ revelation that the NEA wants politicos to sign a pledge against NCLB (NEA to Congress: Comply or Perish). Nice. Overwhelmed with all the Shanker coverage, EIA Mike wonders whether Rick Kahlenberg is channeling the dead union leader (Shanker Seance). Creepy. Out in the real world, Wake County is threatening to take money back from schools because of an error calculating bonuses (Taking money away from teachers). Doh! Speaking of errors and bonuses, Andywonk covers the Ravitch Vs. NYC back and forth with relish but little reflection (Ravitch Responds!). At the very least, it’s a big gaffe for Bloomberg’s folks (and a lot of fun for the rest of us). Last but not least, the folks at TAPPED are vexed by conservatarian views on vouchers (VOUCHERS FOR WHAT?). They do their headlines in caps cuz they’re so angry.

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