Glenn Beck Common-Core Event Enlists Parents in Battling the Standards

By Mark Walsh — July 24, 2014 1 min read
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Conservative TV host Glenn Beck had parents in his studio and in movie theater audiences in this week as he led an unusual strategy session for battling the Common Core State Standards.

At the “We Will Not Conform” event, simulcast July 22 to 700 theaters, Beck spoke not only with parents but with teachers, administrators, political activists, state legislators, and others about how to get states to withdraw from the common standards. Much of the discussion was about how to muster grassroots opposition to the standards, such as by having parents join in lobbying efforts at state capitols.

I visited a theater in Leesburg, Va., in outlying Washington, where 50 people showed up to watch the event. Afterward, I chatted with some parents (and grandparents) about their views on the common core and why they decided to attend the event. You can read more in the report I filed for Edweek’s Education and the Media blog.

A version of this news article first appeared in the K-12 Parents and the Public blog.