January 19, 2000 1 min read

The special Jan. 13, 2000, Quality Counts edition of Education Week contained a number of errors.

  • On Page 49, Massachusetts was not identified as having a physics test. The state does test prospective physics teachers with both multiple-choice and performance items. And in the map on Page 24, Massachusetts should have been represented in dark green.
  • On Page 51, a checkmark should have indicated that Florida, not Delaware, mandates that parents be notified if a child has an out-of-field teacher.
  • On Page 51, Nebraska is incorrectly identified as having a policy that allows a school to have 80 percent of its courses taught by out-of-field teachers. In fact, Nebraska’s policy states that only 20 percent of a school’s courses may be taught by out-of-field teachers.
  • On Page 56, the total amount of funding for Indiana’s induction program was incorrect. The amount listed should have been $3,155,700. This correction also changes the total funding for induction programs for the 50 states, which should have been $123,920,988.
  • On Page 149, the Report Card comment for Rhode Island indicates that the state is expanding a loan-forgiveness program. In fact, the state does not have a such a program, but a teacher-preparation task force has released a report recommending a “new and improved loan-forgiveness program.”

A version of this article appeared in the January 19, 2000 edition of Education Week